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If your garden or outdoor area needs an all-terrain team with ten green fingers providing gardening services Adelaide wide, then our recommended teams of experts at Superior Gardening Services Adelaide are the professionals you can speak to when it comes to keeping your lawns and your gardens, your flowers and plants as healthy and lush as possible. Our externally sourced and provided teams of gardeners Adelaide wide are fully qualified and experienced at all gardening services Adelaide home or business owners could need doing – from garden landscaping, outdoor area clean-up, outdoor pruning and hedge trimming through to professional lawn care, seasonal garden maintenance including tree and shrub planting and protection, rubbish removal or simply lawn mowing Adelaide wide, our partnered clean and green teams here at Superior Gardening Services Adelaide are here to make your outdoor areas look their luscious best all year round. 

Our recommended teams at Superior Gardening Services Adelaide are proud to provide elite and comprehensive gardening services Adelaide locals can be proud of, whilst also always offering competitive prices for all work undertaken with no-obligation quotes and zero hidden fees. It’s not just garden maintenance Adelaide home owners will love – our professional external contractors service home owners, commercial properties, Government projects and strata groups, and are proud to be known as the gardeners Adelaide Hills, coastal, metropolitan and country residents can rely on. Our recommended Adelaide Gardeners can also provide organic and inorganic mulching for your garden beds or lawns, expert shaping and pruning of vines, hedges and flowers, as well as full yard cleaning, rubbish removal and green waste disposal - whatever you, the customer, needs doing! With customer service levels that are always working to the highest standard, you can expect to receive elite Adelaide gardening services that include open and honest communication, opportunity for feedback, respect and professionalism and for a price that works within your budget. Trust our preferred teams to be the leading Adelaide gardening services providers that you and your garden and outdoor areas will grow to love.

What services do you and your outdoor areas need? No matter if it's lawn mowing, hedging, trimming, pruning, lawn edging, lawn installation or irrigation or anything else, speak to us and hire gardeners Adelaide wide with these and many more gardening  skills, and let us know about your needs and requirements to get your no-obligation, free quote organised asap.



Are you located in a coastal area and need gardening assistance keeping your outdoor areas healthy and happy? Do you live up in the Hills and want a gardener Adelaide Hills residents can rely on for ensuring their greenspaces are kept immaculate? With expert contractors operating in all suburbs from the coast to the country, our recommended teams of qualified gardeners Adelaide wide are dedicated and passionate about providing the utmost in gardening services Adelaide residents like yourself can find, especially when it comes to garden upkeep and maintenance, garden restoration and beautification, lawns, hedges, flowerbeds and garden installations of all sizes, varieties and requirements. It's not enough to just specialise in planting flowers - you can access Adelaide gardening services including seasonal soil pH testing and composition analysis, promotion of strong root systems depending on plant type and variety, identification of optimal fertilisers, wetting agents and watering systems best suited to your gardens too. Our preferred teams of experts in garden maintenance Adelaide wide take real pride in every job and its outcome, and in adding genuine value and beauty to every client's garden and growing space as well as when it comes to providing exceptional quality customer service to all of our clients in every job we undertake. Everybody wants to hire gardeners near me with comprehensive skill in gardening and garden care, whose word is their bond and that they can take on face value – so when you're promised a perfectly completed gardening project and that your lawn or garden will be exceptionally cared for then that’s exactly what you’ll receive.

Each and every customer receives:

Personalised Service 
  • Open and honest communication about your job and what it needs to complete it

Free Quotes
  • Free, no obligation quotes provided for every job, no matter what

Attention To Detail
  • Arrive on time and get the job done efficiently and to a high standard

Customer Satisfaction
  • Seek your feedback, and leaving your area clean and tidy on completion

Our local teams of gardening professionals are expert providers in comprehensive garden services Adelaide wide, and crucial to that success is the willingness of our teams of gardeners Adelaide wide to take the time in thoroughly discussing the requirements of your job with you, to fully understand what you and your greenspace need, and then providing an expert advice and organising a quote that is honest, fair, and completely free with no obligation. So, no matter if your lawn is looking unkempt and just needs mowing and tidying, or if you’ve got a major planting and landscaping job you’re looking at getting underway, speak to a gardener Adelaide locals can trust to provide top quality results, and contact one of our teams of professionals today.

So what services can an Adelaide gardening services team like our recommended experts do for you? A lot goes into garden maintenance Adelaide wide, including:

  • Lawn mowing Adelaide greenspaces and turf

  • Turf and lawn installation, and planting such as Couch grass, Kiyuku, Sir Walter Buffalo etc.

  • Garden irrigation solutions

  • Weed removal and long term weed control

  • Maintenance of commercial gardens for businesses & offices

  • Garden clean up before house sale

  • Hedge trimming Adelaide shrubs, hedges and rows

  • Grass slashing and removal

  • Tennis court lawn care

  • Garden maintenance and ongoing care

  • Garden beautification, softscape planting and makeovers

  • Fertilising of greenspaces and gardens

  • Gutter clearing and green waste disposal

  • Pruning and trimming of vines, trees and branches

  • Topiary and tipping

  • And so much more!

The services available to you, your garden and greenspaces are only limited by your imagination and requirements, and at Superior Gardening Services Adelaide our teams of experienced external contractors are ready to take on your outdoor project today. From working in coastal locations as far South as Christies Beach, through to being known as gardeners Adelaide Hills residents contact for expert garden care, our qualified teams of recommended experts in garden services Adelaide wide have significant experience in completing greenspace jobs exactly like these, and are dedicated to providing beautiful, timely and cost-efficient outcomes for all of our clients. No job tackled is too difficult or simple – our teams of all-rounder experts in garden maintenance Adelaide wide are committed to providing you with comprehensive garden care, maintenance, rejuvenation or beautification services for every job undertaken, resulting in a reputation as providers of premier Adelaide gardening services providers home and business owners can rely on. No matter if it’s lawn mowing, weed removal, garden mulching, pruning or hedge trimming, or even yard clearing and removal of green waste in an environmentally friendly manner, we're certain you’ll be as satisfied with the result no matter what specific Adelaide garden services it is that you're seeking.


Give your garden the best, and speak to the gardeners Adelaide residents trust to do the job right.


Lawn Mowing Adelaide

If your lawn or outdoor grass area is looking messy and overgrown, you need results that will provide you with pristine lawn mowing Adelaide locals wont fail to notice – and that’s where our experienced teams of external expert lawn care professionals come in! We're passionate about seeing manicuring and sculpting grassy areas, lawns, backyards and front yards into immaculate lawn surfaces that look like they’re right out of a movie. A well kept lawn offers instant kerb appeal and draws the eye, which is why our preferred teams are regularly out lawn mowing Adelaide wide in preparation for open house inspections, sales, events and functions or simply as part of ongoing maintenance and beautification. If you want a great lawn the you need to hire gardeners Adelaide residents can trust to do a great job, and when it comes to providing extensive garden services Adelaide wide our teams are ready to assist you today. No matter the weather and if it’s a hot and shining day or pouring with rain, you can trust the recommended experts in lawn mowing services Adelaide wide with anything from adjustable height lawn mowing, lawn edging, soil wetting and pH adjustment, removal of grass clippings, lawn fertilising, regular weekly or monthly mowing services Adelaide wide no matter your location or the size of your lawn, as well as any other lawn or gardening services Adelaide locals need when it comes to having thick and luscious lawns made from resilient and healthy grasses.

Gardening Services Adelaide

Our teams of external experts in garden services Adelaide wide provide a myriad of options around landscaping, softscaping and garden maintenance Adelaide residents will love, depending on your location and needs. If you need a gardener Adelaide home and business owners can rely on for expert weeding, mulching, grass slashing and lawn mowing, fertilising, garden clean up, or even turf laying and softscape planting, then reach out to any of our recommended teams today! A well kept and maintained garden area is great for your mental health and wellbeing, as well as improving the value and reputation of your house or business. Whether you need some assistance in cleaning up your backyard at home in terms of yard clearing, weed removal and green waste disposal, or if your business gardens need regular upkeep and maintenance – if you’re after a greening service then we would love to help you! With specialists in seasonal garden maintenance, softscaping and general garden services Adelaide locals will love, our recommended teams take pride in our variety of gardening and maintenance services. Adelaide gardening services packages you can choose from include ongoing mowing, weed control, pruning and tipping, green waste removal and so much more, so consult with our external expert teams that provides the utmost in gardening services Adelaide wide and speak to us at Superior Gardening Services Adelaide today.

Hedge Trimming Adelaide

Hedges provide a great natural soundproofing and privacy option for gardens and greenspaces, and at Superior Gardening Services Adelaide we provide teams that are highly skilled and experienced in working with hedges, rows, shrubs and so much more when it comes to pruning, tipping and shaping hedges, shrubs, box hedges and general hedge trimming Adelaide wide. Any quality gardener near me that you speak with will tell you that regular trimming can sap a plant’s energy, so our recommended team's hedging and topiary services include providing advice and assistance in hedge and soil nutrition on the jobs we undertake. With extensive experience in the typical hedge plants Adelaide residents maintain, from small Japanese box topiary designs and English box hedges through to Diosma, Oleander and Plumbago hedge installations, you'll receive thoroughly comprehensive Adelaide gardening services that ensure your hedges maintain neat lines, density and luscious colour as well as providing a wonderful counterpoint to your garden or outdoor space. From assisting with sun and salt affected garden at the beaches down south through to working as a gardener Adelaide Hills residents can count on for herbaceously happy hedges from Hahndorf to Aldgate, talk to your local professionals in garden services Adelaide wide and find out how our recommended teams can help make shrubs and hedging plants Adelaide home owners have look their level best.

Our recommended teams of local experts that we work with here at Superior Gardening Services Adelaide are known for being caring and experienced contractors that provide full-spectrum gardening services Adelaide locals desire for their home or business. However, our skills and expertise aside, we bring far more than just our extensive knowledge to each job! If you’re seeking more than just a gardener Adelaide Hills residents can call, or a more comprehensive service than any suburban gardener Adelaide residents can choose from, then get in touch today - professionalism and customer service is at the heart of all work our experienced teams undertake, taking care to understand you and your greenspace’s specific needs and desired outcomes.

Trimming Hedges
Image by David Mancini

SUPERIOR GARDENING SERVICES ADELAIDE: providing you with experts in garden services Adelaide wide.

Anyone can mow a lawn, but finding all-round experts in gardening services Adelaide wide is a little trickier – unless you’re talking to us! We’re proud that our recommended teams offer customers a full range of garden landscaping services and garden maintenance Adelaide home and business owners will be thrilled with. If you’ve ever considered hiring a professional garden care and maintenance team, speak with us today about some of the potential benefits. Aside from saving you time and energy in routine tasks such as regular mulching, weeding, fertilising and pruning, our recommended teams provide and utilise organic products with a focus on environmental health and sustainability, so as to not just help your garden and its' soil quality but to be better for your water table and the surrounding environment at large. Harmful chemicals found in some herbicides and pesticides are not loved by plants, animals or people, and we take care to nurture your greenspaces using products and practices that won’t do harm to them or the greater environment. Ask any professional gardeners Adelaide Hills, coastal or suburban residents might speak with, and they’ll confirm the importance of working with experts who understand Adelaide’s unique climate, soil compositions, what grows best and where – and we’re proud to work alongside Adelaide gardening services providers who have these core skills and much more. Boasting specific horticultural and diverse gardening maintenance experience, any of our friendly preferred teams of professionals in gardening services Adelaide wide are fully confident in tackling any requirement you may have, and will happily provide sound advice and recommendations for your job based on your desired outcomes.  

Once both parties are fully understood on the requirements of your job (be it as simple as a yard clean up and lawn mowing, or as extensive as full-scale re-planting, garden design or if you need ongoing lawn maintenance and hedge trimmers Adelaide wide) you'll receive a free quote with no obligations, which is promised to be followed through on as closely to the letter, the expected time and the required budget as possible, and through to the perfect completion of your gardening job. Talk with any one of our experienced externally working teams at Superior Gardening Services Adelaide if you’re seeking an experienced gardener Adelaide residents can trust to be inclusive and friendly, to clean up all machinery and green waste upon completion of a job and to leave your lawns, gardens and greenspaces looking immaculate and vibrant, and receive your free, no obligation quote from one of our specialists in lawn and garden care today!

At Superior Gardening Services Adelaide, we firmly believe in the importance of customers receiving value for money, and it's important to us that you're never charged exorbitant costs or hidden fees on any work undertaken. It's a source of pride that our preferred teams are considered amongst the best Adelaide gardening services providers who will work that little bit harder, do that little bit extra and who take on board your wishes and requirements at all times, but without charging outrageous prices as a result. Your satisfaction in your beautiful outdoor landscape or garden area is the primary goal, and it’s a source of enjoyment for us to have a hand in improving the look, feel, liveability and appeal of each and every customer's green areas, as well as being active participants in improving the environment that we all share.  So whether you have a softscaping job like lawn or turf installation, flower, plant or hedge planting, an ongoing maintenance job like hedge trimming Adelaide wide or even lawn mowing Adelaide homes and businesses, speak to the gardeners near me and talk to our teams of garden maintenance Adelaide experts who are here to get the job done right, and for a price that’s just right too. It’s this focus on customer service and attention to detail that has resulted in this reputation as the trusted gardeners Adelaide home and business owners rely on for all their outdoor gardening needs. So get in touch with our crews who specialise in garden services Adelaide wide, and get your free quote for your upcoming job by emailing , or click to call us on 08 8423 1351 and get the ball rolling by discussing your upcoming gardening job asap.

Image by David Mancini

Do you have a house by the beach and need assistance keeping your garden and outdoor area lush and vibrant? Perhaps you’re living in the Hills, and need to hire gardeners Adelaide Hills residents trust when it comes to keeping their greenspaces from being overgrown and unruly? As the specialists in garden services Adelaide home and business owners can rely on for their home and business gardening needs, we’re here to help you get affordable, time saving and results-oriented options when it comes to doing anything from mowing lawns and trimming hedges through to sculpting gardens and clearing vegetation.

Your garden and outdoor area is the natural extension of your home and living space and reflects your mindset and inner peace – as experts in garden maintenance Adelaide wide, we see it all the time in that our clients often have, or want, an outdoor area that will reflect their state of mind and vice versa. At Superior Gardening Services Adelaide we understand the importance of bright gardens, healthy lawns and vibrant greenspaces like few others, which is why our externally working local teams are renowned as some of the premier Adelaide gardening services operating today. So if you need:

  • Lawn mowing Adelaide wide

  • Lawn revival and maintenance

  • Garden clean-ups

  • Softscape services such as planting of flowers, shrubs and new vegetation

  • Hedge trimming Adelaide shrubs and hedges

  • Commercial garden care for offices and businesses

  • Irrigation services

  • Fertilising services

  • Green waste disposal and gutter clearing

  • Pruning and trimming of vines, branches and hedges

  • Topiary and tipping


Then look no further than our friendly teams we work with here at Superior Gardening Services Adelaide. We’re passionate about taking care of your garden, your local environment and the wider natural spaces in which we’re so privileged to live. If you’re seeking high quality result on one-off or ongoing jobs, personalised customer service, affordable prices and a company that gives that little bit extra, then trust the experts in Adelaide gardening services to fulfil all those requirements and more.


Just a few reviews we've received:

Before our house went on the market the team came around to do a professional clearing and clean up of the front and backyard, and they both look fantastic now - thank you

- Carly E

The gardens here at our business have been maintained to an exceptional high standard for some time now, and their professionalism is appreciated .


- Payalpreet S

We've had garden services performed by the guys for a few months now - pruning our roses and hedges, maintaining the gardens at the front and sides of the property, and they've never done a bad job. Very satisfied!

- Tamara C

Really impressed with their professionalism and dedication to making our garden and lawns look great. Good communication and reasonably priced as well, overall very happy.


- Simon H

Image by Pankaj Shah

Our recommended external teams of local Adelaide gardening services experts completely understand that our unique Adelaide climate requires personalised solutions for any gardening job for your home or office garden or greenspace. We’re invested in the work undertaken by our external teams when it comes to providing ethically, environmentally and socially responsible gardening solutions for all of our client’s needs, whilst ensuring that our work in your garden or greenspace is personalised and completely in-line with your expectations.


If you want your garden, lawn, hedges or greenspace to look its’ vibrant, healthiest best, for an affordable price and with the assurance our workspace will be left in pristine condition upon completion, then hire gardeners near me who are experts in garden services Adelaide wide and contact our team at Superior Gardening Services Adelaide and get your free, no-obligation quote by emailing us at, or by calling us on 8423 1351 today.  

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